GFI Kaspersky AntiVirus subscription add on for 1 year

GFI Kaspersky AntiVirus (Add-on)
License Band

Efficient and powerful: GFI MailEssentials is a leading anti-spam solution that prevents spammers from targeting unwanted spam. GFI MailEssentials is a server-based security product with two protection engines and a detection rate of over 99%. Thanks to the intuitively usable, preconfigured anti-spam engine SpamRazer, even the latest spam attacks can be effectively blocked. Greylisting, IP reputation, Bayesian analysis and other advanced security modules also ensure the best possible detection and blocking of unwanted messages. A very low number of false positives further reduces the burden on administrators. GFI MailEssentials detects and blocks fraudulent phishing emails blocks fraudulent phishing emails and adds management tools such as POP3 downloader, server-based auto replies, email

End user type: EDU, GOV, STD
License type: Additional
Product type: Software
Unit of measurement: Licenses

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