SonicWall SonicWave 231O Wireless Access Point 8-Pack with Advanced Secure WNM Support 3 Years (no PoE) Intl

SonicWall SonicWave 231O Wireless Access Point - 8-Pack with Advanced Secure Cloud WiFi Management n
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SonicWave and SonicPoint Series access points offer a dramatically enhanced user experience with the performance, range and reliability of 802.11ac and 802.11n wireless technology. 

SonicWall SonicWave series wireless access points (APs) combine high-performance IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless technology with flexible deployment options. These APs can be managed via the cloud using SonicWall WiFi Cloud Manager (WCM) or through SonicWall's industry-leading firewalls. The result is a solution that could be untethered from the firewall to provide a superior experience for Wi-Fi users that's as secure as any wired connection.
  • 802.11ac Wave 2
  • Auto channel selection
  • RF spectrum analysis
  • AirTime Fairness
  • Fast roaming
  • Dedicated third scanning radio
  • Capture ATP and content filtering service
  • Deep packet inspection technology
  • SSL/TLS decryption and inspection
  • Wireless intrusion detection and prevention
  • IP67 rated industrial-grade enclosure
Country of origin: Taiwan, ROC
Duration: 36 Months
End user type: EDU, GOV, STD
License Band: 8+, unlimited
License type: Bundle
Product type: Hardware
Unit of measurement: Pieces
£1,850.00 % £750.00 *
excl. VAT
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