Delivering verifiable trust in every action performed with your data.

Securing Identities, Access, Devices and Data Globally

SecuEnvoy has simple but effective approach to securing identities, access, devices and data globally maximises protection and defense of vital business assets. Powerful Identity and Access Management combined with deep Data Loss Prevention brought together under the SecureIdentity & Protection Suite.

Introducing the SecureIdentity Platform

The SecureIdentity Platform allows organisations to provide verifiable trust in every activity they perform. By providing the identity of the user, the device and the data they are working on you can prove exactly who is doing what at any time

Identity & Access Management (IAM) Platform

Making the complex simple. Effective, secure Identity & Access Management for all your business challenges.

A complete IAM solution that delivers effective security, simply

  • Designed with ease of use for the user and the team managing IAM in mind. SecurEnvoy IAM provides Single Sign On, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Access Management and User Life Cycle management.
  • Delivers effortless onboarding, user interaction and administration.
  • Active identity database supported by a robust, fully integrated Universal Directory (UD) as the Single Source of Truth (SSOT).
  • Underpinned by IRAD our AI/machine learning intelligent reporting and anomaly detection.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Discover, classify, identify and protect your data. Any data. Any location. Any platform.

Modern, simple and effective DLP

Built from the ground up, SecurEnvoy’s Data Loss Prevention provides a full solution for data discovery, data classification and data control, so you can apply simple and effective polices to protect all types of data and ensure full policy compliance.

A simple but comprehensive solution designed to deal with the challenges of big data growth, flexible working, new technology adoption, and the Cloud.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

For companies that take authentication seriously. SecurEnvoy takes MFA to another level. Simply. Effectively. Flexibly.

For nearly 20 years SecurEnvoy have been at the forefront of MFA innovation.

Discover an extensive range of authentication solutions ranging from phone apps to biometrics, smart cards, and real-time SMS. This powerful MFA tool allows you to select the specific authentication means by type of device and user.
Multi-Factor Authentication for VPN, Remote Desktop, Web portals, Public Cloud Applications, and Server/Workstation logons.

Data Discovery Essentials (DDE) Platform

Essential data discovery for any organisation.

Discover sensitive data across the whole digital estate

Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of where sensitive data resides and assess the risk.
SecurEnvoy Data Discovery Essentials (DDE) is a highly automated solution for discovering confidential and sensitive information, on premise or in the cloud. Providing comprehensive data visibility, it is simple and elegant to deploy and use.
Ideal for conducting quick risk assessments across your entire digital estate and supporting compliance processes including data subject access requests (DSARs).

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