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Close more deals with flexible, cost-effective finance solutions

Give customers choice and flexibility in how they pay for technology and overcome barriers to investment with Infinigate Finance Services. With customised and cost-effective payment solutions, you can close deals faster, seize new opportunities and build long-lasting relationships with recurring revenues.
Faced with on-going economic uncertainty and financial constraints, end-customers are looking for more ways to pay for their technology, including solutions to help them spread payments over time, streamline project costs and protect against price rises.
To help our partners meet the needs of customers and sell more technology and services, Infinigate offers a range of specialist Finance Services, delivered with leading finance providers.

By providing your customers with cost-effective alternatives to buying solutions outright, you can help them to manage budgetary constraints, reserve capital and continue to secure and transform their digital businesses.  

More ways for customers to pay

Finance solutions to fit every type of project, across the Infinigate portfolio.

A complete finance offering

  • Hardware, software and services 
  • Software-only 
  • Multi-vendor solutions 
  • Partner and end-user funding

More payment

  • Spread payments over 1-5 years  
  • Deploy now. Pay later.  
  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly terms  
  • Beginning of the term payments

Flexible contract

  • Financial leasing 
  • Operational leasing with residual value guarantee 
  • Sale and leaseback

Minimum deal size £30,000 (or equivalent in local currency).

More ways for you to win

Flexible finance solutions are an effective tool to help you drive growth and differentiate your offering, whilst protecting your cash flow and minimising credit risk.
Seize new opportunities

Win larger deals and upsell to multi-year subscriptions.

Increase your close rates

Make it easier and faster to close deals by giving customers choice in how they pay or the ability to defer payments – and unlock projects on hold due to lack of capital or budget.

Offer the exact technology bundle your customer needs

With funding for software, hardware and services packages, you can offer the exact technology bundle your customer needs – with no compromise.

Enable customers to lock in costs

For the duration of the contract, securing current price across multiple years and shielding against currency fluctuations.

Optimise your offers and beat the competition

Provide customers with a range of alternatives to buying solutions outright based on their specific needs.

Spark your growth Infinigate

At Infinigate, we understand that finance is critical to your growth. That’s why we support you from quote to cash with unrivalled personal support, expertise and the right tools to help you succeed.

 Our Lease Calculator makes it quick and easy to get a preliminary quote to optimise your offers. And our in-country finance specialists help you to provide customised finance solutions – no matter how complex the deals or customer requirements.

Our Finance Services are available for every type of project, across our entire market-leading Cybersecurity, Secure Networks and Secure Cloud portfolio.

This means you can offer more value and a complete solution for your customers, irrespective of your size or in-house resources and capabilities.

Fast-track your deals today

To find out more about our Finance Services and how they can help you to close more deals, please contact financeservices@infinigate.com.

You can also download our Finance Services Partner Quick Guide.