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Deliver security analytics at the speed of AI.

The Anomali Security Operations Platform is the heartbeat of transformed Security Operation.

Empowering defenders to monitor and preemptively mitigate threats, and executives to navigate global cyber turbulence with confidence.

What does Anomali offer?

Improve business outcomes by enabling secure productivity. Modernise your SecOps with disruptive security analytics and AI - protect your brand, automate operations, and eliminate costs.

Exposure Management


Identify vulnerabilities to secure your attack surface. Obtain a comprehensive view of your assets and attack surface to see what's exposed and the additional context needed to prioritise and fix.


Defend your most critical assets against digital risk. Gain increased visibility into the surface, deep, dark web, and social media platforms to proactively identify threats.

Threat Intelligence Management


Transform raw data into insights. Accelerate the time to detect and respond with actioned visibility into adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures.


Action your intelligence initiatives. Streamline relevant intelligence to address your requirements and accelerate your time to protection.

Detection and Response


Security starts with visibility. Access all security telemetry, and apply analytics and AI to identify the threat, anticipate their moves, and curb their progress.

Security Automation


Scale with security automation. Transform unstructured data into actionable intelligence, and translate machine data into analyst insights with GPT AI-powered human-machine interactions.


Elevate the efficacy of your security controls. Operationalise indicators of compromise in your network, and automate the distribution of relevant intelligence to all of your security controls.

Recognised as a leader in security analytics

Why partner with Infinigate and Anomali?

Infinigate offers the technical sales and solution design experience needed to help you deliver Anomali solutions to your end customers quickly and at scale.

We are an EMEA cybersecurity distribution powerhouse, specialising in high-demand cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud technologies and services.
We spark your growth and boost your market share with:  
  • Our relentless focus on your growth which helps our partners outpace the market 
  • The right mix of human and digital support to win more deals and take solutions to market faster  
  • Modular solutions and services that fill gaps in your in-house capabilities and open new revenue streams 
  • Pan-EMEA presence and delivery capabilities with skilled EU experts present in local countries to support you