Safend is a leading provider of endpoint data protection software. Safend protects against corporate data loss by offering comprehensive data encryption, port control, device control and content inspection, ensuring compliance with regulatory data security and privacy standards.

Data Protection Suite 

Safend Data Protection Suite (DPS) protects sensitive data before its transfer via comprehensive data encryption, port and device restriction and control and content inspection.

Answering major compliancy requirements like GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, FISMA or UK DPA, DPS has already been successfully integrated into multi-national enterprises, government agencies, healthcare organizations and mid-sized companies worldwide.


Displaying complex information comprehensively, Auditor reports can be exported and manipulated to give you the information needed to enforce companywide preventative policies. 
  • Learn who is connecting devices or to Wi-Fi networks on endpoints
  • Identify and manage endpoint vulnerabilities
  • Compatible with existing network management or admin tools
  • Intuitive, clientless and easy to use

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Protector is the industry’s most comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use endpoint data protection and data leakage prevention solution – controlling every endpoint and every device, over every interface.


Laptops are easy to lose or steal. With Encryptor, any sensitive data on them (or on desktops, for that matter) can’t be read by the wrong people. So a lost laptop is just a lost laptop-not a news story.


Continually tracking your network’s endpoints, Safend Auditor silently pinpoints all usage of USB, FireWire, PCMCIA, PCI, internal storage and WiFi connections.


Reporter identifies common security breaches - and gives the analysis required to make sense of them. It also makes compliance as easy as sending a email or clicking “print”.


Inspector enforces a data-centric security policy across multiple channels, including email, web, FTP, external storage devices, CD/DVD burners, smart phones, file repositories, print screen, local printers, and network printers.


By classifying company data using rules-based keywords and pattern recognition technologies, Safend Discoverer knows exactly who has what. Having strong mapping, alerting and reporting capabilities, Discoverer offers the insight needed to build and implement current and strong companywide data security policies.

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