Interactive Managed SOC platform with strategic 24/7 monitoring, proactive threat intelligence, and fast incident response.

CYREBRO is the cornerstone of your company's cybersecurity, providing a unique managed SOC infrastructure. Regardless of your company's size, you will be secured at an enterprise level. It ensures 24/7 monitoring, proactive threat analysis and a fast and effective response to incidents, including containment of cyber threats.

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Current News

CYREBRO wins Global InfoSec Award 2022

CYREBRO, pioneer of the first interactive cloud-based Security Operations Center (SOC), is proud to receive the "Most Innovative SMB Cybersecurity" award from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the leading magazine for electronic information security.

Newly introduced: CYREBRO Managed EDR

Let the professionals monitor your customers' endpoint security 24/7: CYREBRO takes on this task, for example, based on the EDR solution from SentinelOne.

E-Book: 7 Steps to an Effective Incident Response

Without a mature and ready-to-use response plan for cybersecurity incidents, many companies fail to respond quickly and effectively. This endangers both their customers and their business. This guide aims to assist in the initial steps of creating an effective incident response plan.

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  • Versatility: With over 750 connectors, CYREBRO covers nearly every type of security solution, technology, protocol source, and endpoint.
  • Full range of capabilities: CYREBRO combines an interactive cloud-based SOC platform with real services provided by CYREBRO's SOC analysts and incident response experts.
  • Multi-tenant dashboard: Get an overview of everything - your end customers with key information, including direct access to their respective customer dashboards.  
  • Centralised management: Cross-vendor control of all relevant security events, including well-founded recommendations for action in critical incidents.
  • Scales with your end customers: Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses with increased IT security needs, as well as global players.
  • Hosted in Germany: The platform runs in the IBM Cloud at the Frankfurt am Main data center. 

Suitable for:

  • Security-experienced and innovation-driven organisations that lack suitable SOC personnel resources (e.g., security analysts).

  • Managed Services Providers: Enhance your offerings with SOC services and incident response from CYREBRO. Ideally, the MSP fully supports and manages their customers. 

  • Traditional IT resellers: Resell the solution to your customers with their own IT infrastructure. Your customer would require experienced system engineers to implement CYREBRO's recommendations effectively.

The interactive SOC-Platform

Visibility of your real-time security posture 

The dashboard serves as the "Operations Centre" providing you with more data on your active investigations, historical data, and the connection status of data sources.

Enhanced depth in your investigations

Dive deeper into your investigations than ever, with more details about incidents, their impact, risk, extensive details on all indicators, and MITRE ATT&CK tactic mapping.


Step 1 
CYREBRO collectors receive log data from the IT solutions deployed at the end customer and send it to the CYREBRO-cloud. 

Step 2 

The incoming data is consolidated in the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system. It is converted into a readable format, enabling faster processing and easier analysis. 

Step 3 

The pre-aggregated data is now organised and normalised in the Data Lake. Here, a review for relevant security events, known as "Events of Interest," begins. 

Step 4 

The AI Detection examines all incoming information using a unique combination of artificial intelligence, proprietary detection rules, and correlation of relevant security events. 

Step 5 

CYREBRO's monitoring and forensics teams collaborate closely based on a SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) system to thoroughly investigate potential suspicions and escalate them if necessary.  

Step 6 

After a comprehensive investigation of the incident, the investigation teams develop proposals to contain the issue. These proposals are provided in the form of specific action instructions through the CYREBRO platform.  


The CYREBRO dashboard serves as the central display and communication platform for ongoing investigations. Alarms, action recommendations, investigation results, and specific inquiries are shown there. The system also allows interactions with the investigation teams at CYREBRO.

Managed SOC Services by CYREBRO

Strategic Monitoring

Automatic identification of the earliest signs of suspicious activities in real-time, aided by excellent visibility within and across all systems.

Threat Hunting

Identification, assessment, and enhancement of the detection of cyber threats and malicious activities.

Threat Intelligence

Proactive and continuous search for threat indicators (IoC) in the IT environment.

Incident Response

An integral part of CYREBRO's holistic monitoring and proactive defense. The analyst team is ready to assist in quickly eliminating threats and prioritising rapid recovery.


Fully managed by CYREBRO, a leading SIEM solution that identifies and analyses security-related incidents and events for you.


Ongoing investigation of suspected malicious activities and cyber threats, including subsequent analysis of verified incidents.

Managed EDR Services by CYREBRO

  • Interactive platform: Integration of leading EDR solutions into the interactive SOC platform.
  • Threat intelligence: Identification and neutralisation of threats before they penetrate the system.
  • Complete EDR management: Managing white and blacklists, investigations, policies, and more.
  • Threat hunting: Proactively searching on endpoints and across the network.
  • Setup and configuration: Fully guided installation and EDR configuration.
  • Expert support: 24/7 countermeasures provided by a highly certified response team.  

Designed for your needs


CYREBRO's advanced cross-functional security detection monitors all systems and processes throughout the entire organisation. A central overview of all cybersecurity events shows you what matters and what actions you can take. 


You can always determine which threats are real and how severe they are. You know what to do and when the issues are resolved. See which security resources are necessary and which ones burden your scarce time and resources with duplicative efforts or false alarms.


CYREBRO simplifies cybersecurity with complete visibility, even in the most complex situations, so you can make the right decisions quickly in any cybersecurity scenario. This way, you prevent long-term disruptions to your business operations.


CYREBRO drastically shortens the investigation time for malicious attacks: from days to hours and from minutes to seconds. Minimised downtime results in significant cost savings in billing, production, customer service, and other critical business functions. Ultimately, avoiding reputational damage is priceless.

Multi-tenant capable

With CYREBRO's dashboard, IT system houses and MSPs have a central overview of all their supported end customers where CYREBRO is deployed and ensuring security.
Technology agnostic

Seamless integration with all security systems, protocol sources, and endpoints. There are no additional costs for extra software or interface programming for monitoring.