Unified Endpoint Management

Contemporary safety for a modern working environment

Ivanti is a leading provider in the field of security and management for mobile apps, clouds and end devices. Ivanti's goal is to comprehensively support companies on their way to "Mobile First" with a modern security concept. Mobile First companies use mobile devices as their primary IT platform, enabling different business processes and increasing competitiveness.

We make the everywhere workplace possible

Ivanti finds, heals and protects every device, everywhere – automatically. Whether your team is down the hall or spread around the globe, Ivanti makes it easy and secure for them to do what they do best.

Unified Endpoint Management


Threat Defense

The basis for secure corporate mobility

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is the foundation for the industry's first mobile device-centric zero trust enterprise security framework. MobileIron UEM puts mobile security at the center of your business and enables you to build on it with technologies such as zero sign-on user and device authentication, multi-factor authentication, and mobile threat detection.

Replace passwords with secure, frictionless authentication.

Ivanti Access introduces zero sign-on technology that evaluates many more attributes before granting access to corporate resources - without ever prompting for a password.

Block any threat on any device

Ivanti Threat Defense protects your business from data loss due to mobile threats. With just one app, both known and zero-day threats on mobile devices are detected and contained without impacting user productivity. Users can work on the device of their choice regardless of location. 

Secure Connectivity


Another key component for the Ivanti platform is Sentry, an inline gateway that encrypts, manages and secures traffic between the mobile device and back-end systems in the enterprise. Sentry supports three fundamental customer requirements: Mobile security, scalability and the user experience.

Tunnel (via App-VPN) 

Ivanti Tunnel allows companies to authorize specific business apps, such as internally developed apps and apps from the app store, to access corporate resources behind the firewall. Unauthorized or private apps are blocked so that only corporate data can be transferred over the tunnel connection.

Productivity Apps


Ivanti's Secure PIM solution provides users with a secure PIM environment on mobile devices and IT with the security and control it needs. SecurePIM delivers a workspace with user-friendly email, contacts, calendar and task management. Combined with AppConnect, corporate data can be protected in a container.


Docs@Work provides the ability to access, annotate, share, and view documents via email, LAN, or cloud. Data loss prevention controls are defined by IT so that documents are protected from unauthorized disclosure. Docs@Work controls policies and permissions in Core to determine whether third-party apps can access stored documents.


Help@Work facilitates interaction between the internal helpdesk and the user. Users can request help at the touch of a button and, if necessary, display the screen to a help desk employee. Help@Work provides the support desk with a powerful diagnostic tool that significantly speeds up problem resolution.


The Web@Work mobile enterprise browser allows users to access internal websites and web applications. The module enables secure web browsing by protecting both data in transit and data stored on the device. Enterprise data is successfully protected via tunneling mechanisms, containerization and integrated DLP functions.

AppConnect and AppTunnel
Each application becomes a secure container through AppConnect, with data encrypted, protected from unauthorized access, and removable. Each application container is also connected to other secure application containers through the management platform, so policies such as single sign-on (SSO) for applications can be easily shared and updated across devices.
AppTunnel protects network data with an innovative VPN that supports iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. AppTunnel provides granular per-app session security to connect each application container to the corporate network.

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